A variety of yarns gives a versatile choice of woven carpet. Among others, we use these yarns to produce our high quality woven collection:

Sisal is one of nature's strongest fibers, originally used for the production of rope. From the plant Agave sisalana. The leaves of this plant are ground to a pulp and then dried. Then the dried fibers are dyed and spun in a variety of yarns. Sisal is a versatile fiber, very durable and environmentally friendly. Additionally, sisal does not attract dirt and sisal is anti-static. An excellent choice for any type of interior!

Nowadays, polypropylene is a very popular yarn for making broadloom carpet and rugs. Polypropylene can be used in various structures, even inside and outside, and has excellent light fastness and water-repellent properties. Maintenance and cleaning of polypropylene carpets and rugs are very user friendly and they offer good value for money.

With its rich history, wool is a pure beauty among carpet yarns. Shorn sheep and a true renewable resource. Wool yarns provide versatility in design, texture and colour. Wool is anti-allergenic and has a natural ability to repel dirt. Wool is anti-static and elastic, so it always tends to return to its natural shape.

Polyamide yarn is available in many different structures and compositions, with many possibilities in colour. Polyamide is a very durable and resilient yarn, with excellent properties for residential use. Polyamide carpet in various structures is also ideal for heavy traffic project environments, especially because of the excellent fire-resistant properties. Polyamide yarn retains its shape and keeps its look and feel over a long period. Polyamide has ondergone strong developments in optics and displays a very rich and luxurious appearance in different variations.