About Robusta

Specialized textile weavers for carpet and industrial applications since 1960

Robusta B.V. is a family owned business dedicated to weaving various kinds of fabrics. Since its founding in 1960, the organization is located in Genemuiden. Over more than 50 years some major changes have taken place. Robusta has changed from a coconut weaver and rushes trade to polypropylene (composite) fabrics for civil engineering and woven carpet made with natural yarns and synthetic yarns. Recently we extended the range with a nylon contract collection. The customer’s wishes, the discovery of new materials and new technical possibilities provide interesting and innovative developments.

Robusta’s specialties

‘Do what you promise’, flexibility and our specialty ('each fabric is unique') enables Robusta to enter into long-term partnerships on a broad customer base.

Some specialties of Robusta are:

  • Geotextiles with concrete blocks against erosion
  • Artificial turf grasses such as football, cricket and bowling grass fields
  • Various types of carpets, rugs for residential and contract market
  • Protection of moorings at sea vessels
  • Aircraft storage mats and portable helicopter platforms (Helipad)

We can process natural materials like rush, jute, sisal, wool, basalt, silk and steel and synthetic fibers such as polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, dyneema, high modulus yarns and composites or combinations.

You can also consult Robusta for specific needs, new materials and technical capabilities, to develop new (sometimes revolutionary) products.

Price winning awards

We have won several awards with our products. Proudly, we mention the following:

• Department of Waterways and Public Works project ‘Water groins of the future’; winning finalist/ design
• NMIJ/Natuurlijker Markermeer IJmeer project ‘Making the lake Markeermeer more transparent’; winning finalist/design
• SME Innovation top 100 of 2012; 76 th. place (Portable road)
• Defence Innovation Competition 2011 (DIC 2011); Finalist (Heated shelter floor)
• WMIJ/ Werkmaatschappij Markermeer-IJmeer project ‘Design an ecological proof system for the future of the lakes Markermeer/IJmeer’ – 2 nd. finalist
• Mercedes-Benz – NRC Next Blue Efficiency award; Top 10 position
• From A to Better award 2008 project ‘Traffic jam proof’; honorable mention as potential success of the future (Portable road/ Fast Deployment tool)