Weaving techniques

Our machinery consists of different brands and techniques to manufacture fabrics.

We have sufficient know-how to keep our machinery up-to-date and our own employers are able to adjust the machinery to meet your requirements.


Some characteristics of the weaving-technology are:

· Weaving widths from 70-524 cms.

· Yarns from bobbins or beamed yarns

· Mechanical and electronical jacquard-weaving (to manage weaving-patterns)

· Use of dobby and eccentrics to manage the weaving-combs to achieve fabric patterns

· Wilton-wirelooms to produce carpets with a pile height of maximum 15 mm.

· Round weaving till a diameter of 175 cms.


We use the following weft-equipments:

· Weaving-shuttles

· Stiff and flexible rapier-systems

· Projectile-machinery till 4 colours