Concrete block mattrasses

The Robusta Flexmat is a co-product of Robusta loopmatting and concrete blocks. The special production, suitable for local,- and on-site production of the Flexmat, makes the Flexmat logistically efficient and flexible. With a variety of loop matting fabrics, polypropylene woven fabric with PP loops, and concrete blocks in variable height, weight and shape, the Flexmat can be adjusted to the customer’s exact needs. In addition, a mobile factory unit for producing concrete blocks of your desired size can be provided. Also local parameters such as wave and current conditions, ground and soil conditions, will be taken into account to adjust the Flexmat.

Concrete block mattresses can be used for applications like river bank protection, lake- and coastal shoreline protection and drainage channels.


  • Stabilisation of offshore pipelines as an alternative for weight coating.
  • Protection of offshore pipelines from damage caused by anchors or fishing nets.
  • Scouring protection around the spuds of gravity based structures, oil rigs.


  • Less concrete per sqm

‒Each dimension of concrete and total surface area is possible and more economical

‒The height or thickness of concrete is lower (less m³ = lower investment)

‒The installation is faster (less m³ = less manufacturing time)

‒The depth after installation is better

  • Local content is a win-win situation

‒A local economical advantage, because 80% of the work can be carried out locally (the production of concrete, filling of the molds and the installation of the mats)

‒Extensive experience in collaboration with local parties

‒Lower logistic costs

  • One stop shop

‒Filter and aggravation in one fabric. No mutual, separate systems

‒One address for design, development, calculations, geotextiles and equipment


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